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Reconnecting… Is it Nature?

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Reconnecting with old and forgotten friends after years is an amazing experience, a feeling of joy, fulfillment, and of ecstasy. Particularly for those whom you have lost hope that you will ever meet or chat online. It never happened with me so frequently as it has happened in last few months. People whom I would invariably remember – the moments that we shared together, the classes, coffee or career, the curriculum, customer calls or jokes, sometimes with smiles or with moist eyes.

First it was Neha – the prime character in my first book was inspired from her. I never thought that I will ever chat with her after 6 years were passed. But we did.
Then it was Renu, my class-mate during MCA. She is settled in Germany and again it was 5 years since we had a chat or message.
Next was Daya ma’m, we worked together in Spice, and we reconnected back after 5 years.
And today, it was Sanjeev. We studied together way back in 1991-94, 15 years back.

I do not believe that it is ONLY technology that is helping (la orkut/facebook). It is something in nature. Something that wants us to not to give hope, to embrace positivism, to have will to love and connect with more people, to share joy and laughter, and to love yourself and back yourself. Imagine how you feel/react when you are about to reply to a client email (that you don’t want to), or planning to cook rice (wishing someone else could do that, just for today), or waiting for a cab/bus (wishing your colleague could pick/drop you along the way, again just for today), or you are stuck in traffic (when an important cricket match is about to be over)… I guess nature has its own ways to pay back. And reconnecting to loved ones is one of those.

I long to reconnect with a few more people and I guess the route has been planned. It must be on the way. I can see it coming. Soon. God Bless Me.:)

Written by Vinish Garg

August 16, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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