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Reliance World: Internet Boradband Connection Services

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The Reliance Internet broadband connection has been an amazing experience for me. I got it set up few days back and it *was* running. For my questions or issues, none of the 3 service engineers pick the phone for last 6 days, no call back, or reply to my text messages.

Leave alone courtesy, I sent my last three texts to Satish, Arvind and Sameer on 24 February 2010. It read as “I called you about 30 ot may be 50 times but no response. Not even a courtesy to call back. Is it ‘Reliance World’?”

I have not received any call or text till date, 28 Feb. I wonder if they lack Courtesy, or Courage? Or Common Sense? Or the Process? (The most valid option is ALL OF THESE.)

Customer support says that my connection details are not available in their system (even after 10 days today).

The installation engineer (ANIL) acted as a spy from foreign country. In spite of my repeated requests during his stay in my office, he did not leave his contact number with me. It ensured that I could not call or text him, and yes, he was smart. I cannot.

This is “Reliance World”.

My question is not for the issue; any setup can have network or system failure and it is perfectly fine if it takes requried time to restore it. The issue is ‘The Process’, ‘The System’, ‘The Responsiveness’, ”The Communication’, ‘The Sense of Ownership’, and ‘The Pride of being associated with Reliance’.

I wonder of those engineers understand it. I wonder why this happens.

  • Were they not trained for customer service?
  • Are they not qualified?
  • Do they lack funds?
  • Do they lack resources?
  • Do they lack commitment?
  • Are they not paid well?
  • Is there something wrong with the whole culture in which they work, get trained and provide services?
  • [All of these?]

On top of this, my systems engineer hammered the final nail in coffin when he shared with me the information at: :(.

Written by Vinish Garg

February 28, 2010 at 4:54 pm

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