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Sports and Neutrality

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Rob Steen provides an interesting insight into being neutral in sports, at: His style of conveying a message is like Nasser Hussain’s cover drive. It is all poetry. Critics may sense the chances of ‘edge’, but it is a delight for purists.

While enjoying neutrality, I used to caught between whom to favor, for whom to want to win when South Africa plays in England or when England plays in New Zealand, or when South Africa plays in NZ. Any decisive result would make me feel upset and happy at the same time. Same way, when I see Dravid get out on 74 or 98, it ‘used’ to pain me; but not anymore. Now, I have realised that after all, ‘it is only a game’. The underlying objective of sports is entertainment and as followers of a game, we should love the game and appreciate it, and to flow with good things in game rather than being obstructed by negativity, or being distracted by what does not happen that we expect.

So what if Tendulkar is give out ‘wrongly’ on 91 or if Ponting pulls a blinder to get Dravid out on 92? It is only a game, and not a war. No life is being lost. No economy being affected. And no nation is attacked. It is only a game! And I am more at peace with myself when I watch live telecast of a cricket match now.

Written by Vinish Garg

July 7, 2010 at 11:50 am

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