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‘Amitabh Civilization’?

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When KBC started on SONY few days back, some of AB’s loyal fans were sceptical of how well AB will be able to engage the audiences. The expectations were not really *raised* as whenever I saw the promos, I found it difficult to *what else* to expect.

When I saw a few episodes last week, I could not stop appreciating the Big B. There is really nothing new that he is doing this time. Same humility. Same refineness. And personality. It is just the charisma of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan that leaves people spellbound.

Here is my open letter to AB.

“Dear Sir

While in school, we often studied history and read about civilizations such as Harappa civilization. We came to know of signs of old paintings, coins and traces of culture that were buried hundreds of years back. I can sense that 500 years later, school kids will be studying ‘Amitabh Civilization’. It will include:

(a) Students will fail to believe that such a man ever walked on earth, in flesh and bones, who has the charisma of Buddha, the following of Gandhi, the wisdom of Vivekananda, the politeness and refineness of being a ‘Next-to-God’.

(b) Students will study that your movies’ posters were found buried deep in earth (there will be no other form of paper on earth), and that generation will marvel at what they possess.

(c) Scientists will feel morally unethical to study your DNA or genome; whoever will accidentally think of that will undergo heart transplant.

(d) People from other planets will worship earth because only earth can boast of ‘Amitabh Civilization’.

The nature can never afford to have another Amitabh, ever. God Bless you, always. Loads of Love.”

-Vinish Garg

Written by Vinish Garg

October 25, 2010 at 9:53 pm

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