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Sun rises in the East

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When I look outside my office window and look at sun, I cannot figure out if it rose in the East today. But this is obviously obvious. It only means that certain acts, instances, happenings, are too obvious.

  • I got up and got ready for office, subconsciously thinking of the tasks at hand.
  • Too much of background noise at home 😦 [Yes, sun rises in the east!]
  • Shared a smile with my wife before I left for office
  • Meeting with fellow tech writer, instructions, checklist
  • Emails
  • And texts
  • And facebook 🙂

Midway in the *documented* schedule, I looked at sun and wondered “You are so particular about East in the morning”. No answer. Just a smile.

  • A cup of tea with some cookies
  • Salad and lunch
  • Document review/upload and checklist
  • Instructions and Email

Suddenly it was cloudy outside. I wondered if a *friend* wanted to have coffee with me! Yes, we had a chat to schedule it; it did not happen. Nope. It was sunny again.

  • Packup for home
  • Walk/Run for a mile
  • TV with the *remote* and its *control* 🙂
  • Soup/Greens and Dinner
  • Some background noise again 😦 [Sun sets in the west]

Yes. Sun sets in the west! It does not adapt. It is Sun!

Written by Vinish Garg

December 17, 2010 at 2:10 pm

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