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The Periodic Table

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It was in June 2011 that I published a series of memoirs. There were ten posts and six were available for public. That time, I had planned to sell it, by making the last four posts as paid. The details are at:

I plan to make more posts from that series as public. Here is one of them.


The Periodic Table

We have Iron at 26 and Gold at 79, but why not Steel? I asked Him when I studied periodic table when I was in IX standard. He made me learn the elements in the order of placement as Hydrogen, Helium, Beryllium… up to Calcium. As I glanced quickly at the list, I wondered where was Steel (I studied alloys also). He told me that steel was missing.

Same year, I was studying literature and in one story, the protagonist ought to have nerves of steel, an iron will and a heart of gold. I tried to reconcile it with periodic table and agreed to Him that yes, steel was missing. It was missing from periodic table as well.

Is Steel that important? When in cricket, India loses to England or Australia loses to South Africa, does it necessarily mean that India or Australia were missing steel? After all, there can be only one winner. Why is winning everything? Why playing well is not everything?

I noticed that He often played to play, not to win. He drove his scooter more to drive it and less to reach the destination. He advertised for real estate property in newspapers more to advertise and less to sell it. He told a joke more to tell the joke and less to laugh at it.

Ever since I can remember, He had a table with his bedside. Earlier it was for a glass of water, spectacles, and a newspaper. Later I saw medicines, hand towel, water jug, some documents or files/folders. And for last few years, He had a steamer, two jugs of water, 2-3 hankies, 1-2 diaries, a small salt-bottle, some sugar, old newspapers, car key and another bunch of keys, and a hand towel. Only He could organize that stuff on his table.

He was The Mendeleev for His table.

Yes, this too was a periodic table. There was space to accommodate unknown elements. I had seen Him growing as somebody too defensive. I had seen Him struggling to enjoy the privileges He had.

I wished if I could reshuffle the periodic table, to accommodate Steel.

He would spend His Diwali nights in a temple located at a far off secluded place, because He was scared of firecrackers. He would often scream while in sleep at night. He would not use elevator for the fear of getting stuck. He could not speak when the other person was aggressive in speech or in behavior. He would start counting on Tuesday or Wednesday that 3 days were left for the weekend, so that He could have my mother around Him on weekends. He had a weak immune system. And how easily some *undesired* cells could grow in Him, uncontrollably.

The Steel was missing.

Now that Periodic Table is history.

Written by Vinish Garg

July 10, 2012 at 1:02 am

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