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Peacock. Asrani. BSNL Engineer

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Till many years back when I used to travel to my parents (from my grandparents or from parents to grandparents) we would get to see a few peacocks on the way when bus would pass from around Patiala. That was the only place I ever saw peacock in real life, and it was almost an annual affair. However, I have not seen them in last few years. Either they are shifted, or wiped off in the wave of extinction. The two-second snapshot of watching a real peacock (sometimes in bloom) was a joy.

It was almost during those years that one of my uncles happened to visit Mumbai. I lived in a small town and anybody going to Mumbai would become talk of the neighbourhood. He told me that he got to see Asrani (a famous comedian and character actor of yesteryears) there. Kids including me wondered for many days, “God, you saw a film actor? How did he look like?” That was the time (age?) before internet or KBC, and to see an actor in real life was a privilege for the few.

Today, my BSNL phone rang and a male voice (coarse though it was) was from BSNL. An engineer expressed his interest to visit my office (after my 10th complaint and 2 emails to their nodal officers, over last 8 days). In last 28 months of using this connection, I have registered similar complaint at least 60 times and an engineer has visited only twice. My fingers are crossed today, I may get to see the peacock today. Or Asrani?

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September 11, 2012 at 2:04 pm

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