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How many Engineers one needs to…

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This is the sequel to my previous post on ‘Reliance woes’. I was wondering how many engineers one needs to change a bulb? One? Five? One Thousand?

I am not surprised that Reliance broadband connection is still not working in my office. I completed all documentation on 19 Feb, and it was setup in my office, in last week of Feb. I am surpirsed that:

  • I have called about 60 times to FOUR DIFFERENT ENGINEERS; none of them ever picked my phone, no call back, no text back.
  • I requested for a disconnection (termination of services and that they should take back their physical devices) to services 9 days back. Nobody has turned back so far.
  • Today, I called them and told that THERE IS NO SPACE IN MY OFFICE FOR THEIR MODEM AND CABLES. They are really shameless guys, nobody turned up. No call. No text message. No visit.
  • I wonder how my office facilitator will respond tomorrow morning when he cleans the office.

After all, how many engineer one needs to…. .

Written by Vinish Garg

March 9, 2010 at 10:51 pm

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